Decisions decisions. If you’re like me, you’re not crazy about lugging around a heavy gym bag. In my humble opinion, sometimes an over-filled gym bag is just as inefficient as having no bag at all. It’s stressful not being able to find one..simple..thing or having to pull everything out until you look like an ill-behaved child in the ball crates at Walmart. I don’t know about you, but frustrated and stressed is the last thing I want to feel before a workout. When I get to the gym and I look at the whiteboard, I want to focus on how these movements are going to make me better and stronger—whether it’s maxing a lift or a movement in the workout, and I don’t want my gym bag to interfere with that mental preparation. I want to be totally zoned in.

So, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. With the right amount of at-home preparation, you really only need these 5 things in your bag of tricks for an everyday workout. Leave the rest at home or in your car until you know you need it. That way, you have only the essentials and none of the clutter.


Wrist wraps are great because they are multi-functional. You can use them for lifts, gymnastics movements, and to wipe your forehead to keep from blinding yourself with your own sweat. Trust me, I’ve done it. They’re great for wrist stability and overall wrist health. Just don’t forget to wash them after.

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Knee sleeves are a no-brainer for most people. They are incredibly helpful in keeping knee joint health and for providing extra stability for squatting and running. Fun fact: you can also wear them on your elbows for movements like the bench press. Pro tip: also wash these.

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Though your average gym is going to provide speed ropes, sometimes it’s nice to already know exactly what you’re getting into when you start your double-unders. With a comfortable speed rope fit just for you, you won’t have to spend time adjusting to different ropes or making sure that the one you’ve selected is long enough to clear your head.

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This stuff is great to help keep you from getting blistered in small, specific places. You may not be able to cover your whole hand or foot in it, but you can use it to protect hot spots. You know, the kind that usually wind up feeling like you just dunked it in lemon juice if you do so much as look at it? I can’t be the only one!

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Last but certainly not least, we have gymnastics grips. These are another highly versatile tool for lifting and workouts. Not only do they help you grip the pull up bar and keep you from ripping your calluses (ahh!), but you can also use them to grip a heavy bar for deadlift, cleans, the works.

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Bonus item:

An item (picture, trinket, etc.) that reminds you of WHY you do this.

Top athletes and coaches alike will tell you that your only weakness is between your ears. And for the most part, it’s true. If you can motivate yourself to keep pushing MENTALLY, you’re more likely to actually finish those reps PHYSICALLY. And what better way than to give yourself reason as to WHY you do what you do? So, keep a small item with you that helps your mental game. Set it at your station where you can see it so when you’re feeling exhausted, you can glance over and remind yourself of your why!

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