One Fellowship Fitness welcomes Katy Galli to Team One Fellowship.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Katy came down south to compete in Track & Field and pursue a higher education at Oglethorpe University.  Katy, competed in the Triple Jump and 100-Meter Hurdles winning several accolades during her collegiate career while pursuing a degree in Business Administration.

After graduating, and her competitive collegiate career finished, Katy found herself in limbo trying to fill the gap that Track & Field left. That’s when Katy discovered CrossFit. With CrossFit’s competitive and community-oriented nature she was immediately hooked from the start!

Her passion for improving herself didn’t take long before she realized she wanted to become a coach. She sought and earned her CFL1 certification in 2017, earned her CFL2 in 2019, became CrossFit Kids certified in January 2020, and by 2021, Katy aspires to be CFL3 certified.

Today, Katy is the Founder of the online media studio, The Keep Moving Forward (KMF) Collective, and she is the Marketing Manager for a small tech company in Marietta, GA. Katy is most likely to be found sitting behind a microphone, chasing sunshine, and trying to convince you that Monday is the absolute best day of the week.

CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Kids
USA Track & Field Level 1