“I am because we are.” That sounds a lot like CrossFit, doesn’t it?

At One Fellowship Fitness, a core tenant of our mission rests in this South African Philosophy of Ubuntu, and we wanted to share with you what exactly it means to us. Within this mantra, there are different layers that manifest in the roles found in our community: the coach, our current membership, and future members.

The Coach

The coach is the one who sets the standard for every class, the person who sets the tone for the day. The coach’s presence and attitude are paramount to delivering a positive and fun experience. It is the duty of the coach to meet each member where they are and treat them with unmatched enthusiasm and love.  They are charged with the safety and well-being of every person within a class, and seek to offer each individual the best hour of their day.  However, the coach cannot fulfill their role without the members. The members have the unique responsibility of showing up to class. Not just physically walking through the door, but showing up with a desire to learn and an openness to welcome others into their community.  Without the members, the coach is unable to fulfill their role.  The coach is charged with much, but they will not be able to bring the class to the level it can achieve without the help of every single person in the room.

The Community

The members in this class can help the coach by bringing with them an open mind and an open heart. Through attentiveness, respect of the coach’s authority, and humility to want to learn and improve, the member can help the coach and the class operate at full capacity. The community has the ability to foster empathy, camaraderie and a “team atmosphere” far greater than the coach can create alone.  This extends beyond the daily challenge of the WOD.  As a community, we recognize that everyone comes in carrying the weight of what goes on in their life outside of the gym.  As we relate with each other, we raise the level of empathy among us, and enrich each other’s experience.  In the context of community, someone has likely been where you are in some form or fashion.  For this reason, the community can meet you where you are, as you are.

The Future

As our community grows in depth of relationships and empathy, we also increase our capacity to extend this environment to new members and grow our community in size.  Most new members wrestle with the unknowns of entering a new community.  Typically, this fear stems from the unknown of what is about to happen, fulfilling expectations or being accepted in the community. In the gap between fear and the potential for community,  our “herd” steps in.  All of us probably remember the first time we set foot in a CrossFit gym. It’s likely you also remember who came up to you and made you feel welcome.  Our welcoming community is what sets CrossFit apart. This new person offers each member the opportunity to step up and be exactly what this person might need at that moment. In these moments, both the current and new members benefit from the enriching of the community.


Ubuntu is the heartbeat of One Fellowship Fitness. I am because you are; I am because we are. The coach, the community and the future member each have an individual role to play at One Fellowship.  But when they come together, what happens is greater than the individual roles.  When you show up as your full, honest, vulnerable, and real self, ready to give your all, you invite your fellowship to be their best selves – proving Ubuntu’s truth: I am because you are. I can be my best self and give my all because you showed up and gave your all.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb

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